резюме и собеседование

Working in other countries: resume and interview

You wake up feeling cramped. It looks like your head has been squeezed against the career ceiling! From now on, every day is groundhog day, and life is a bore. The people are the same, and there are no prospects. It might be time to expand the

как составить резюме

How to Write a Resume

A resume is an employer’s first impression of you as a future employee. In this case, both form and content are equally important. Not everything is as complicated as it first  seems. The main thing is to avoid typical mistakes and follow simple rules. The following discussion will focus on how to write a

Levels of Language Proficiency in the Resume

Many people write about language proficiency in the Skills section of their resume. As a result, the hours and money spent on language learning become invisible. Don’t make your HR manager look for a needle in a haystack: create a separate section for your language

How to Write the Education Section in Your Resume

For most applicants, the Education section is the easiest part of creating a resume. They simply write the name of the university and the date of graduation. Simple, right?

Actually, there are a few nuances:

  • maybe you changed university three times
  • perhaps you’re still working on your

Essential interview questions and answers

В этой статье мы разберем вопросы на собеседовании, которые способны нарушить взаимопонимание участников, и расскажем, как на них лучше реагировать. Материал полезен как претендентам на работу, так и тем, кто проводит собеседования.

How to List Certificates, Courses, Awards and Additional Education on a Resume

The information in the resume about certificates, courses and training events serves two important purposes:

firstly, each certificate that corresponds to the position increases salary potential (as well as increasing confidence in one’s own skills)
secondly, it confirms your interest in professional growth and desire for self-development.

How to Get an Interview in English

Как подготовиться к собеседованию? Как правильно отвечать на вопросы? Полезные фразы на английском языке Что нельзя делать во время интервью?