Working in other countries: resume and interview

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You wake up feeling cramped. It looks like your head has been squeezed against the career ceiling! From now on, every day is groundhog day, and life is a bore. The people are the same, and there are no prospects. It might be time to expand the horizon of opportunities and get a job abroad.

You know where you’re going, your suitcases are packed, and you think you’ve everything covered. Just remember that there are subtle differences between countries.

Working in another country: what do resume writing and interviewing have in common?


The text of the resume is written in the language of the employer. All documents (diplomas, certificates, recommendations) must be in the employer’s language and supported by a seal and signature. When translating documents, it is better to contact a professional translator and certify the translation.

It is better to focus on achievements in the company (how were they useful?)  and not on personal qualities. Purposeful and energetic Joseph Edwards will not interest anyone, but the fact that Joseph Edwards is a co-developer of WhatsApp, Viber, Google or introduced the idea of eating sausage sandwiches is much more interesting.

You can’t lie. “Sure! But you can embellish the truth.” You can! However, it is worth remembering that in the course of work you will be discovered. Make yourself indispensable and take responsibility for what you say.

No grammatical mistakes. Even if you are not a very literate person and your job is working with computer languages, a competent resume is evidence, at least, of your attentiveness.

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The interview hinges on three important factors: company dress code, employer language, understanding company philosophy.

Immerse yourself in the linguistic and cultural environment of the country in which you want to work, its media, films and books. Rehearse the answers you’ve prepared about your achievements, about moving, about choosing a company and profession, about what you can be useful doing, about your goals and hobbies. This will help you feel more confident.

Do not add documents that are not relevant to the chosen activity. A certificate for playing Romeo’s role in a university production hardly helps write code on Java, even if you played it very well. Accept it.

It is also not a good idea to resort to highlighting the text in bold or italics, or to abuse other stylistic techniques. Try not to go beyond the one-page resume.

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What’s different?

In the United States of America, applicants attach a cover letter to their resume. Unlike the CIS countries, the covering letter is written in freestyle and is already the first stage of selection for a position. The letter begins with greetings, thanks and continues with a description of career achievements, finishing with more thanks and a request to read the full resume. Photos in the resume are not encouraged in the United States (no discrimination before the face-to-face!) but it is not prohibited.

In Germany, it’s a hassle. The selection period starts with a resume; only another nine laps of bureaucratic hell to go.

  1. All documents must be processed in an electronic and physical folder.
  2. The title page is FIO, contact information and business portrait A4.
  3. Business portrait. It’s business. You have to look the part. And that means you have to take care of the photoshoot, including the business suit, a neutral, monochromatic background, invisible makeup, casual posture, a friendly smile and everything under the control of an experienced portrait photographer.
  4. Resume
  5. Motivational letter.
  6. Recommendations from previous jobs.
  7. Diplomas, certificates of qualification.
  8. Additional diplomas, certificates of any kind: sport, art, work, etc. Show that you have a fully developed personality!

By the time you’re done with all this and are sitting in the office of a potential employer, it’s already obvious that you are motivated.

It’s better to know the peculiarities of employment in a given country in advance: read in specialised forums, or the requirements directly on the website of the company or ask a competent person. There are surprises everywhere. But the format of the perfect resume is always the same, and you can create it right here!