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CV2you is a resume builder with ready-made templates that allows you to create a resume online, without needing a graphic designer. Even if you don’t have the technical skills or use graphic editors, creating a resume for your job search process will be simple for you.

An Online Resume Builder is a service that assists people to create a resume online. It has everything you need: templates with different designs, tips on how to effectively create a professional resume, and examples of great resumes. You are guided through the process step-by-step.

The Resume Builder allows you to create your own resume layout, changing the location of the blocks and their sequence inside the template. It also includes auto-sorting functions. Additionally, from design options - choose the font color and style. At the same time, everything is simple and intuitive to navigate.

Once you create the resume, you’ll have the link to the resume online, as well as being able to download it as a PDF document.

Yes, CV2you is a free resume builder resource. All the functionality is complete, even in the Basic template version, which allows you to create your resume online for no cost. All you need to do is select the Basic template inside the builder, fill out your information, create the resume, and then simply download the document, or share your resume as a link.

If you want a more unique resume design, there’s a choice of paid templates (marked with a ). They are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription. You will see the price in your account, or when you select the design after you enter the site.

Yes! CV2you allows you to get a 50% discount if you share a link to our resume builder online to your social networks.

Immediately after posting, you’ll get a 50% discount on your monthly Pro subscription. After you complete your payment you’ll have access to all of our professionally designed templates to choose from.

Creating a resume online is more effective than in Word for 3 reasons:

  1. Faster. There’s already a template and examples. Filling out an already prepared template is much easier than thinking through the structure of the resume yourself. You’ll save time by having this step already done. There is also all the necessary functionality to make it unique by transferring blocks and changing colors in just one click.
  2. More functional. The template itself was developed by our designers together with recruiters and HR. Therefore, every little detail has already been thought out, from the color theme and fonts to the automatic sorting of blocks by date. All templates are both visually pleasing and contain all the necessary functional elements you need to create a high-quality resume.
  3. Better. According to The Ladders research, the first 6 seconds are enough for a recruiter to pre-analyze a resume. Unlike standard Word options, our infographics, visualization of skills and experience, and template design make the resume look much more creative and memorable at first glance. This will help to attract and retain the attention of the hiring manager.

When writing a resume using our builder, you get:

Visibility. No boring forms! Rather than filling out questionnaires before you can even build it, you immediately get to work with your resume and can see the finished version straight away. To write a resume online, you don’t need to have experience working with editors or other software - just fill in the information about yourself in the resume template.

Functional. With the possibility of changing the location of information blocks, auto-sorting your skills and experience, and choosing your own color and font, it becomes a dynamic and one-of-a-kind CV. Every detail in the finished resume template is carefully thought-out by a team of our designers based on advice from recruiters.

Intuitiveness. With all this functionality, using our resume designer is very simple, even beginners with very little technical experience can do it. All resume templates are visual, with examples and tips to guide you along the way. And if there is ever a technical difficulty - just write to us using the support chat in the lower right corner of the screen, and we’ll respond promptly so that you can continue to create your professional CV the way that you want it.

Best of all, it’s all free. All the functionality of our resume designer is available in the Basic template for free. Of course, if you prefer a more original template, you can choose a Pro template (Smart, Professional, or Simple) for a subscription fee. Finally, creating a resume with our ready-made templates is more effective than other basic free resume templates, as the structure and tips that we include are all checked by professional hiring managers..

Our blog has a detailed article with tips on how to write a resume for different types of job seekers. Also, before making a resume, we suggest looking at our resume example with an analysis of each section.

Using the online resume builder , you can write an online resume yourself, which already takes into account recommendations of HR managers of different fields, so that you aren’t leaving anything essential out of your CV.

It’s very valuable to read examples of resumes to get a feel for how they flow. Therefore, we created a page with an interactive resume example. For each section, you’ll get a ‘hint’ for how to do this yourself. An example is available in English, German, Russian, and Ukrainian. And the great thing is that you don’t need to try to copy-paste anything, you can simply use the example in your resume by clicking on the button below it.

CV2you is a resume builder in English, Russian, Ukrainian and German languages. Just switch the language in the upper right corner of the site to create a resume in the language you need.

After you have created your individual resume on builder page, click on the ‘Save’ button. You will be redirected to your personal account page. You can also get onto your account by clicking on the photo in the upper right corner. With the saved resume, you will find 2 options: either copy the link to the finished resume to share it during your application process or download it in PDF format.

If you encounter an error while downloading the PDF from a mobile device, we recommend downloading it from a browser in PC (Chrome/Firefox/Safari).

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