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CV example

The average CV gets only 8 seconds of HR executive’s eye-time. To ensure yours will blow away the competition you need a professionally designed, crisp and clear CV example with right formatting, legible fonts and just the right amount of creativity to keep that HR reading.

CV tips: How to do a CV

Before you go off sending your CV which looked cool in the 1990s, it’s good to remember a recent study which says that HR experts spend only 9 seconds reviewing your resume before sending it to the wastebasket — or, if you are lucky, to

CV format and font choice

A well-formatted CV is not only making you feel more confident and smart, it is more likely to be read completely and is more likely to lead to an interview. Our CV format tips will give you a good understanding how to create a

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A curriculum vitae is a brief overview of your work experience, education, skills, and other qualifications. Curriculum vitae must be a close match for a particular job opportunity. It is also called a resume in North America.

In some countries, curriculum vitae,